Sunday, January 18, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine & Meeting Mia

I thought these pictures of Ava were so cute and funny. This is the new pose she strikes at picture time. She calls it her "surprised face."
In baby news, our Community Group met tonight and Jane hung out with her new pal, Mia, while the grown ups played The Newlywed Game which was quite hilarious. She is super cute and very smily! They are destined to be sweet little friends.


Joy said...

Look at how wet Mia's shirt is. Gosh, what a drooler!
Loved seeing Jane and holding her. We'll have to have more playdates soon! Can't wait for the girls to be aware of each other. So fun.

ruth abbey said...

Hey Jen - so glad I came across your blog! Jane is sweet - I don't think we've met yet... Looks like Ava loves being the big sister. Funny to live in such a small town with so many connections and not ever see each other!

The Wrights said...

Jenny - Your little Jane is going to have so many friends when she's old enough to realize it! : ) Too cute.

Leah said...

hi! Just wondering if you'd like to come over one morning for coffee while the girls are in school? I'm free Thursday the 29th and both Tuesday & Thursday the first week in Feb. Would any of those dates work for you? You can email me at ellceylr at gmail dot com. Also, your girls are so cute! I never realized how much they look alike!