Monday, May 25, 2009

Weekend O' Fun

Mum and Papa came to visit this weekend. We had a great time!
Ava practiced putting on her eyebrows with Mum...doing make-up is an all time favorite thing to do with both Mum and Grammy. We made sure to take it off before heading out for the day!
Scott and Papa promised to take Ava fishing on Sunday night...but it made his own fishing pond in the kitchen. Ava threw her pole over the quilt and she caught fish along with other goodies. She was so excited and quite proud of her casts!
....Papa helped cast and Daddy hooked the fish and goodies...
...waiting for a bite... fun...
Although we don't have lots of pictures to share, Ava told me her 5 favorite things about the weekend with Mum and Papa...
1. Having apple pie and a juice box with Mum at the cafe downtown.
2. Going to the candy store (with only Mum) downtown.
3. Reading lots of books.
4. Doing make-up
5. Special Fishing
We were supposed to go to the lake today - but Scott woke up with a high fever and feeling icky. We are having a chill out day at home. Today is Lorena's Birthday and we are bummed not to be celebrating with her today! We hope you feel extra loved today, Aunt Lorena!!! xoxo


Jonathan's Mom said...

Hope Scott feels better soon!

Love the fishing idea. What would I do without blogs to give me good ideas? :)

Miss you!!!

The Wrights said...

That fishing is SO creative. How fun! Special times with grandma's are always treasured memories with my kiddos too.

Sounds like a nice week-end. We did Branson and Silver Dollar City. We have season passes which removed the pressure of staying when it rained. Loved that!

The Sodas said...

What a good daddy to still take Ava fishing for goodies! We'll have to get together again soon at the park! HUGS