Saturday, June 06, 2009

Ava's 2nd Fishing Derby

Ava and Scott woke up bright and early for a Fishing Derby date. They left by 7:30 and had a big time catching fish....They made it home by 9:30 to find Mommy and Jane still their pj's and Mommy on her 2nd cup of coffee....I think Jane and Mommy got the better deal of the morning!!! Ava LOVES worms...definitely her daddy's daughter! waiting...waiting...waiting
...and finally a fish!
I love my girly girl who must accessorize to go fishing with sunglasses and all. She was so proud of that fish and wanted to hold its stinky sliminess...eeek! They had a super fun time! A sweet memory for sure!


Ruth Lee said...

How precious!!

Emma Claire said...

I love those sleepy eyes! And I love the way you have your sunglasses. Miss you, sweet girl!

The Wrights said...

She's so brave holding those slimy worms! Makes her daddy proud I'm sure!