Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bye Bye Binky

Last summer Mum and Papa's dog, Gracie, ate one of my two binkys....and I still talk about it frequently. Last night before bed, I got my loveys and found that"someone" had cut the tip of my very last binky off. I blamed Gracie again - luckily not Mommy. I did not want the binky and instructed Mommy to hang it back on the tree...the new home I have found for "Binky."
Much to Mommy and Daddy's surprise, I went to bed without being sad....just mad at Gracie. That was last night - now we'll see how things go today. We just can't figure out how Gracie traveled 300 miles just to eat a silly Binky....smart Mommy - silly Gracie!


Elizabeth said...

Very smart thinking, Jenny. And please let me know what Ava says in a few years when you tell her the truth!

Sara Neufeld said...

That is HILARIOUS! So funny that she wanted to hang it on the tree! Cute, cute!

Jonathan said...

Dear Ava,

Good luck sleeping without your Binky. I have been sleeping without my fingers, and as long as I have an animal to hug, it's not so bad.

I played Chutes and Ladders with my mom and dad last night. It was so fun! Thanks for giving it to me!