Monday, December 10, 2007

Daddy (almost) Got Run-Over By a Reindeer!

Well, almost! We went to Tahlequah on Saturday to see G&G Great, Aunt Vickie, and Mum & Papa. Daddy and Papa decided to take a drive - and apparently a deer wanted to hop in too! It was quite a surprise to see the car.... Hoping/thinking it was just a little ding...the deer's head actually came through Daddy's window (leaving lots of hair behind--ughh), denting the whole side, and taking the side mirror for a souvenir.
On a serious note: The deer unfortuanately didn't make it - but thankfully, Daddy and Papa are fine. It could have been very bad and people could have been hurt so we are praising God that we only have to deal with the car!

On a happy note - We had a great visit with Grandpa Great - he is doing really well in his new home! Ava warmed up to him quickly and gave him lots of love!


Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad Scott and your dad are all right. Praise God for keeping them safe!

Sara Neufeld said...

Wow. I am so glad they're okay. Poor car! And poor deer!

Jonathan said...

Oh, Ava, I'm so glad everyone is OK. My mom knows people who have really sad stories to tell because of deer, so we're thankful that yours is a happy one, although I'm sorry your car got hurt. I'm so glad your daddy is OK!


Jackie Sue said...

Oh my gosh--we totally hit a deer when I was little and I remember it clearly! Daddy getting run over by a reindeer is a little better than mama kissing Santa Claus!

christy said...

Oh my!! Thank goodness everyone is ok...what a sight!