Monday, January 30, 2006

Six Months and Counting

It's official... I am six months old today and loving life. I am working on sitting up---but it usually leads to a face dive on the floor. I love to roll over to find my toys. Growing up is a lot of work for such a little girl!

Sunday Lunch

The whole Anglin crew went to lunch yesterday. Here I am with Aunt Lorena, Cousin Isabella, and Mommy. Grammy and Pappy had so much fun with both of their Grandkids!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Isabella & Ava

Tonight we ate pizza with our family. Grammy, Mrs. Betty, Jeff, Lorena, & Isabella were all there. I love spending time with Isabella. We only look at one another now... but pretty soon, we'll be playmates...just give us a few more months.

A Play Date With Grammy

My Grammy came over last night. We played with my toys and read my favorite bug book together. Mommy and Grammy tried to put a bow in my hair, but to be honest it just didn't work out. I don't have quite enough hair yet. Grammy also helped me practice my soccer skills -- I can hold the ball and that's about it. We had a fun time together! Pappy is coming to visit soon! Hurry Up, Pappy---I can't wait to cuddle you!

I Can Move!

I have just discovered a new game to play by myself when I wake up. I have learned to scoot all the way around my crib. It is a great way to see new things and give Mommy and Daddy a BIG surprise when they see me!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Exersaucer Mania!

I never knew exercise could be this fun!

Christmas In Texas

I went to Mum and Paps's house for Christmas! It was my second trip to Texas. I got to sleep in Papa's fishing office all by myself. Mum had it fixed so nice. She even put a sign on my door to welcome me. Aunt Sissy, Uncle Craig, and William live very close to Mum and Papa. We saw them every day. Mum fixed a special Christmas Eve dinner and everyone went to church. We had an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbin's special ordered to celebrate the Birthday of Jesus. On Christmas morning, Aunt Sissy made gingerbread waffles before we opened gifts. We had so much fun. I got some super fun exersaucer is my favorite. The day got even better when Mommy put a bib on me and gave me oatmeal for the VERY first time...OH MY...was it ever good!

We did lots of other fun things in Texas. I spent the night with Aunt Sissy, Uncle Craig, and William. William played with me and showed me all of his toys. He is a great cousin. There are two nicknames that William calls me... "Sugar" and "Squirty Pants." I really can't help it if I squirt in my pants. I think "Sugar" is much more appropriate for a little lady like me.

We also spent time with Mommy's best friend, from Texas. Her name is Betsy...I have the privilege of calling her Aunt Betsy. Mommy and Betsy go to Starbuck's way too much! Thank goodness for decaf coffee!

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Grandma & Grandpa "Great"

Mommy and Daddy took me to Tahlequah to celebrate Christmas with Grandma and Grandpa Great. They are my "Great" Grandparents, or, my Mom's Grandparents... either way, I think they are really "GREAT!" Mum, Papa, Aunt Sissy, Uncle Craig, and William came from Dallas. My Aunt Vickie joined us too...I call her "Kie" for short. We ate a yummy meal and spent the whole day together. I suckered everyone in to playing and reading books all day!

I Love My Daddy

My Dad is the BEST! He plays with me at lunch everyday and cuddles me at night. He also helps me fly all around the house like a little bird! I'm one lucky girl!

Santa Baby

Christmas time was very exciting around my house. My favorite part was listening to special music and wearing my big red hat!


I received a Bumbo from my Great Aunt & Uncle in Texas. It's a very cool seat that helps little people, like me, sit up straight. Mommy makes sure we have Bumbo time every day. I love you, Aunt Linda and Uncle Jim!