Saturday, December 29, 2007

Surprise Visit!

Mommy's friend, Ruth Lee, and her boys were in town yesterday and we met for a fun visit! It was far too short, but SO great to see our dear friends! We got to meet Hudson's adorable baby brother (who was sleeping) as well!

"BB" Betsy

I had an extra-special play date with Betsy....note...she's the one who gave me the ever famous "BB...Betsy Blanket"

More Christmas Fun!

I gave William Monopoly and we've played 7 times since Christmas Day!
Sissy found this very cute Lady and the Tramp costume for next October!
William recorded every last gift he received - so cute! He was very serious about his note taking!

Christmas Morning

We had a very Merry Christmas and spent the whole day in our pajamas!
Stockings were a big hit - I loved my little treasures. This year, I realized there were fun things hidden beneath the pretty paper - woo-hoo!

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at William's house...Sissy made tomato basil soup in sourdough breadbowls and it was quite yummy! Mum gave us Christmas jammies...we had a great night!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve Cookies

Building a Bear

Last Sunday, Sissy and I had a date at the "Build-a-Bear" workshop. I created my own Christmas present and was it ever fun!
First I picked out my bear......
......then I got to push the pedal to fill my bear up with lots of love.....
...I chose a heart, gave it a kiss, and tucked it inside of my bear....
...after the bear was sewn, I gave it a bath....
.....we tried on several outfits including Spiderman...I have an obsession with him and nobody knows why.... we finally decided on a girly Hello Kitty outfit.
....Sissy and I printed out my bear's birth certificate..... she is!
Thanks Sissy! I Love You!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy 40th Uncle Jeff

.....hope you have a sweet day.....
we love you

Oh the Joys of Potty Training...

..........If only it was this easy........

Monday, December 17, 2007

Grammy's Story Quilts

Grammy made these beautiful quilts to tell the Christmas story. Isabella and Ava had so much fun playing with the quilts! Above: The angel telling Mary she will have baby Jesus......
Mary and Joseph with the donkey
Mary with Joseph holding baby Jesus (and Ava)
The angel telling the shepherds the good news!
Daddy, Ava, and Isabella acting like angels.
I LOVE these quilts - the girls had so much fun rolling around in them. Hopefully next year they will understand the story. This year - they just wanted to cuddle the quilts - after all - that is what you do with a quilt!

Christmas at the Lake

We spent all day Sunday at the lake for Christmas with Grammy and Pappy.
The girls had so much fun together....Isabella gave Ava 2 pairs of "Big Girl Panties" with her gift and they both put them on funny! The big hit of the night was musical

Grammy fixed a wonderful meal...below is Pappy lighting his advent candle.

Grammy, Pappy, and the girls.

Grammy and Ava played dress-up before we came home....beautiful!

Uncle Jeff's Surprise 40th

Uncle Jeff turns 40 this Friday - Aunt Lorena threw him a surprise party on Saturday night. We ate great food and danced to the Christmas music. It was a fun party. Happy Birthday Uncle Jeff! We love you!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Daddy (almost) Got Run-Over By a Reindeer!

Well, almost! We went to Tahlequah on Saturday to see G&G Great, Aunt Vickie, and Mum & Papa. Daddy and Papa decided to take a drive - and apparently a deer wanted to hop in too! It was quite a surprise to see the car.... Hoping/thinking it was just a little ding...the deer's head actually came through Daddy's window (leaving lots of hair behind--ughh), denting the whole side, and taking the side mirror for a souvenir.
On a serious note: The deer unfortuanately didn't make it - but thankfully, Daddy and Papa are fine. It could have been very bad and people could have been hurt so we are praising God that we only have to deal with the car!

On a happy note - We had a great visit with Grandpa Great - he is doing really well in his new home! Ava warmed up to him quickly and gave him lots of love!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bye Bye Binky

Last summer Mum and Papa's dog, Gracie, ate one of my two binkys....and I still talk about it frequently. Last night before bed, I got my loveys and found that"someone" had cut the tip of my very last binky off. I blamed Gracie again - luckily not Mommy. I did not want the binky and instructed Mommy to hang it back on the tree...the new home I have found for "Binky."
Much to Mommy and Daddy's surprise, I went to bed without being sad....just mad at Gracie. That was last night - now we'll see how things go today. We just can't figure out how Gracie traveled 300 miles just to eat a silly Mommy - silly Gracie!

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Hometown Parade

Last night was our hometown parade! All of downtown was lit and the parade was tons of fun. Daddy helped decorate the float in the top picture with his "Right Lead" kids....Way to go, Daddy! Some of his kids even rode horses!
Ava & Emma Claire
EC, Caroline, Mommy, & Ava
Downtown Lights

Our Family