Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ava's 7!

 Ava turned SEVEN yesterday!  We have had a great time celebrating her life!  She woke up to a decorated room....
 ...and some super fun surprises!
 We enjoyed the day with swimming, her favorite dinner and dessert at Cherry Berry!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

7eleven Party

 Ava is almost 7 and Will just turned 11!  We thought this was a fun theme for a 7-11 party.  We went to 7-11 and found matching cups.  The 2 birthday kids were super surprised with their family party!

Ava got a new Playmobil school....VERY exciting!

Cousin Time!!!

As soon as we returned from Dallas...it was cousin time!  We had 4 fun-filled days together!

 Mum and Papa's new spa was great!  98 degree water in 100 degree weather!  
Quite refreshing. :)

Last Visit to the Alamo

River Walk

 We walked to the River Walk every night for dinner and treats...

Hotel Fun

 The hotel was a huge thrill for the girls! 
 Ava stayed up and savored the fun of being in a hotel...
 ...Jane crashed pretty fast every night...
...sweet dreams with Shamu and Dolphin friends...
 We swam in the pool every evening...

Texas waffles were a must each morning for breakfast!

Pressing Pennies

The girls have started collecting pressed pennies from their adventures...San Antonio had a pressed penny machine every where we went!


 We spent our third day in San Antonio at Aquatica.  It is a huge water park that is a part of Sea World.  The girls loved the slides and wave pool!

 There was an interactive area to touch sting rays...both Ava and Jane loved this!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sea World

 Our day at Sea World was wonderful!  It was hot hot hot, but fun fun fun!

 Feeding the dolphins was such a fun experience for the girls!!

 The aquariums were fun too!
 The BEST part of our time at Sea World was watching the shows!  They were pretty amazing!
 ...Ava with some of the performers...

...Jane wasn't too sure about these guys...