Friday, August 19, 2011

So Far So Good

Ava had a super first week on Kindergarten! Her Aunt Sissy arranged a little after school date at the local balloon store. Ava helped Mr. Kelly create this awesome is H-U-G-E! Thanks Aunt Sissy!
Happy Weekend!!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ready, Set, GO!

Today was Ava's first day of Kindergarten! It was an exciting morning with lots to look forward to!
...All 4 of us walked to school...

...about to walk in...

We were greeted by the Tender Care thankful for these ladies! Each year they come to say good morning to their former pre-school students.

Getting ready to start her tears....from Mom or Ava!

We are excited for a fun year of learning and friends!

Meeting Mrs. Herring

We met Mrs. Herring on Friday night at Meet the Teacher. Ava loves her classroom! Exciting times around here!

Hello Kindergarten! Hello FUN!

Monday, August 08, 2011


We finished our weekend with a tasty lunch at In-N-Out!
...Molly liked it!

It was YUMMY!

Lunch at American Girl

As soon as Molly was "officially" a part of the family, we celebrated with lunch.
...Ava's Mac & Cheese...

...One Excited Girl...

...Mum & Grammy...

All in all....and GREAT day!

American Girl

We loved every minute at American Girl! Ava chose her "look alike" doll. It was really love at first sight. Very sweet!
...Meet Molly...

Cute Cousins!

Isabella brought her AG to join our adventure!

Love my 6 Year old!

The girls with Grammy & Mum

It was a memorable day! So sweet!

Girls Weekend

We had a Girls + Papa weekend away in Dallas to celebrate Ava turning 6!

Grammy, Aunt Lorena, Isabella, Ava, and I hopped in the car for a weekend trip!

Happy Birthday to my 6 Year Old!


Ava is 6!!!!!!!!
We celebrated with a trip to American Girl....and a few pink cupcakes!


Sweet Treats

Someone loves chocolate icecream cones.....


The girls have started playing library...Ava sits at the counter to check Jane's books out. Jane likes to check out LOTS and LOTS of books. :)
...Jane filling out her library card...

Never a dull moment at our house :)

Our Fancy Pools

When we aren't at the Aquatic can find us in this fancy water world.

Our sweet friend, Evie, came to take a dip with the girls. Summer Fun!