Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ava's Grocery Store

Aunt Sissy gave me a pretend cash register for one of my BD presents. William and I decided it would be a great idea to open our own grocery story and sell my toy food. Grammy was ready and willing to help us set up.

First we marked ALL of the food with price stickers. Then we made nametags with Mommy's old school supplies. William was the manager, Flo was the cashier, and I was a shopper. I guess you have to be over 2 to work at the grocery store. Anyhow, we had a great time using the cash register and toy phone to give messages over the loud speaker. Mommy wasn't here for any of the excitement, but we filled her in as soon as she got home.

FYI - The store has been officially shut down for a few days...we'll keep you posted when we re-open and let you know what the special of the day is. William was giving away free vacuums to each customer....so the deals are pretty good around here...definitely better than Wal-Mart! I am thankful for a cousin with such a big imagination...he teaches me so much!

Birthday Breakfast

Yesterday was my 2nd Birthday! Everyone was still in town from the weekend. I had a fun filled day with Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and William! I have had a few donuts in my life, but yesterday was my very first visit to the actual donut shop. I got to pick my very own birthday cake donut and Mum even treated me to a carton of milk....that's right, no sippy cup for me! It was the start to a wonderful day! I am catching on to this birthday thing, and I think it's pretty great to have a day to celebrate ME!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birthday Presents

After I ate some pinata candy, it was time to open gifts...Mommy helped me and we had lots of fun looking at all the loot! All in all, it was a great party! Thanks for coming to help celebrate me turning 2!

Polka Dot Pinata - Part 2

......next came Tenney....
......and Avery.......
...and Prima Isabella.....
William took the last swing and busted that polka dot open! Out poured the candy and we all dove in to fill our bags. Lots of others took a swing - but Mommy didn't get a picture of everyone. I think the pinata was a real "hit!"

Polka Dot Pinata - Part 1

My Aunt Lorena made this beautiful polka dot pinata. It matched the invitations perfectly. She even made the hit stick to match! It was too pretty to bust! I got the first swing and all of my guests followed!
.....Here I am taking the first swing.....
...Emma Claire was next in line......
....then Jamey.....
...then Jake and everyone else.....

Pancake Party

Yesterday was my 2nd birthday party....we celebrated with a polka dot pancake party. All of Mommy and Daddy's family were here for the excitement! It was a great time to celebrate with friends and family! Here I am eating my pancakes...I topped mine with whipped cream, berries, and sprinkles. Papa also made me a special chocolate chip pancake!
We set up lots of kid tables with bright balloons! Mommy was very thankful it didn't rain. Syrup and carpet don't mix too well......It was so special to share breakfast with so many people!
Mommy and Chef Papa...he stood at the griddle during the whole party and made lots and lots of pancakes! The kids got mini pancakes and the adults got apple pancakes...one of Papa's specialties! Mommy grew up eating apple pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Saturday Night With Friends

Jessica, Rob, and Noah came over tonight. We went out for sandwiches and then headed to the pool. I was especially excited since I missed my swim class last night. Daddy and I went down the slide several times. Noah and I had tons of fun playing in the big pool.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Swimming Lessons - Week 2

Our Friday swim class was canceled due to some thunder outside...so here are Monday and Wednesday pictures.....
....diving for sticks with Daddy....
....Ava, Daddy, Prima Isabella, and Tio Jeff.....
....playing with toys.....
....floating on my back....

Well, just one more week to go until I'm finished being a Tadpole.....hopefully I'll graduate into the land of Guppies!

Kids Day at the Farmer's Market

This morning was kids day at our local Farmer's Market. We went with Anne and Noah, Lily, Eve, and Ellen. Silly Mommy forgot to take her camera so we took pictures when we got home. As you can see, I got a big yellow balloon....
I ate my very first snowcone (cherry) and shared some with my white shirt.....which is now in the sink with bleach. I also got a pink butterfly painted on my face...I was very brave and held still while the nice lady painted on my cheek.

There was also a photographer in the park taking pictures with no sitting fee. I had some pictures made and Mommy ordered a few for a special project....this was all done before the snowcone...smart Mommy!!
We had a great time at the Farmer's Market!

Breakfast Date

Daddy and I have started sharing a bowl of Kix every morning for breakfast! It's quite fun to eat with a "big girl" spoon. I also wore my new jammies from Aunt Kristin last night and they fit perfectly! Thanks, Aunt Sissy! I love you!

Dipped Cone With Daddy

A Sweet end to a hot summer day! We love going to Barnette's for dipped cones!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Girls Weekend 2007

Mommy relaxed with her college friends while I was away at Mum and Papa's last weekend. This has been a tradition for 7 years now. Here are the girls from left to right:
Christy, Jackie, Sara, Jenny, Kelly, Ruth Lee, and Emily...
Girls weekend is all about catching up by the pool and eating good food. Everyone went out for a nice meal on Saturday night before heading home Sunday. Mommy looks forward to this weekend every year! There is a cruise in the works for 2011 - GIRLS ONLY!
...poolside lunch...
...out to dinner...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Fellow Tadpoles

I have 2 special people to splash with at swimming lessons. MyPrima Isabella and Jamey are in my class! I have a little crush on Jamey and like to give him hugs. The three of us had a great time tonight! My Mommy loves the cousin picture at the top of this post....so summery and fun!

Swimming Lessons - Week 1

I started swimming lessons this week. I get to go to the pool 3 times a week for 3 weeks and swim with Daddy! It has been quite exciting!

So far I have blown bubbles in the water and had a treasure hunt for pool rings..... ...here I am floating on my back (with Daddy's help)...
.... I love jumping to Daddy from the side of the pool...
...Daddy and I took a short break to wave to Mommy....

We'll keep you posted on my exciting adventures at swimming lessons! Stay tuned!

Monday, July 09, 2007

Another exciting thing happened on my weekend away from Mommy and Daddy. I got to ride the toys that Mommy usually ignores at the mall. Oh yes, I finally got to ride a few. I took Elmo for a spin. After that, Spider Man took me for a fun ride. I'm not sure who Spider Man is - but he was a very safe driver!

Weekend at Mum and Papa's

Mommy and I went to Dallas this past weekend for her annual girls weekend. I got to stay with Mum and Papa for 2 nights all by myself. Sissy, Craig, and William also joined in on the fun.

On Saturday, we had cousin pictures made and went to the mall to ride the great big carousel. This is my most favorite part about going to the mall. Mum always lets me ride it....as you can tell, William and I chose beautiful horses to ride. It was so much fun!