Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Party Planning

Okay, this Birthday update has taken far too long. Here's the scoop on me turning one!

Whoa! We had a busy, but super fun weekend. Mommy, Mum, and Aunt Sissy iced cupcakes all morning. I gave everyone a scare when I found the lid (which was very hidden in the trash) to the green food coloring. I did what every other baby would do and gave it a little taste...well let's just say I put the whole lid in my mouth. Next thing I knew Mommy was literally screaming because I had dark green oozing from both sides of my mouth. After a ruined pair of jammies and lots of rinsing---I got back to the normal me. Mommy regrets not taking a picture...but she wasn't so focused on my blog or her camera at the time.

Saturday afternoon, Daddy and Papa put my new table together. G&G Great and Aunt Vickie came for the party extra early for a visit.

Lucky me got two BIG naps so I would be extra perky for my party!