Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Like A Good Neighbor...

State Farm is there!
Well, we had a bit of excitement last night. One of my very favorite shady trees bit the dust and fell smack on Nash and Nora's house next door. We are all so thankful that it didn't go through the roof...and we are also quite thankful for State Farm this morning!
...Here is our tree on Kelli's house... up...big truck thing-a-ma-jigs and all...
On a lighter note, Ava is LOVING everyone being locked up and managed to get a pedicure last night...not too shabby...for a Daddy!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ice Storm

We are in the middle of a messy ice storm around here! It's a perfect pajama day...we're having fun staying cozy!
We lost part of a tree in the backyard and are hoping not to lose more...I need my summer time shade! Trees are falling all over town...
...My treat for the day...this stuff is GOOD!
...The ever-icy tree in the front yard...
...My sweet little girl freezing her little buns off...

Monday, January 26, 2009

Craig is in Ethiopia!

My Brother-in-Law is in Ethiopia this week on a "Vision" Trip with several people from his church. Check out Kristin's blog to read about his adventures! We are excited to hear about his journey!!

Prima Pizza Party

Isabella invited Ava over to make a pizza last night. They were so proud of themselves as they decorated their own sides.

yum yum!
Thanks for a great time!

Janie Bird

Our sweet baby is changing everyday! I am trying to capture each little moment! Ava affectionately calls her "Janie Bird"& "Janie Cakes." She is Mother Hen around here and likes to take care of HER sweet...most of the time!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Little Miss Sunshine & Meeting Mia

I thought these pictures of Ava were so cute and funny. This is the new pose she strikes at picture time. She calls it her "surprised face."
In baby news, our Community Group met tonight and Jane hung out with her new pal, Mia, while the grown ups played The Newlywed Game which was quite hilarious. She is super cute and very smily! They are destined to be sweet little friends.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Day O' Fun

We headed out early this morning for Jane's 2 month appointment. Grammy took Ava on a little adventure while Jane got shots etc... As you can see, she was pooped by the time we got home. I love how she's still hanging onto her purse for dear life!
Jane weighed in at 10lbs 6 oz and is 22 in. long. She was a brave girl. Mommy earned a Starbucks for being a brave girl as well!!
...happy girls... that smile...
...evidence of shots...poor bebe!
Also, Today Mum and Papa are celebrating their 38th Anniversary!
We hope you have a Happy Weekend!! xoxoxoxoxo

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Fun With the Easy Bake Oven

Aunt Kristin and William came for a super fun visit! We did all sorts of fun things. Ava's favorite was busting out the Easy Bake Oven. It's amazing (and scary) what light bulbs are capable of cooking. Today we chose sugar cookies.
Ava mixed the dough...
Next, she pushed it through the oven...
...and with GREAT anticipation, she waited 8 minutes for her very gourmet cookies to bake....
...Here they are...
Simply perfect for a 3 year old's palette!

Monday, January 05, 2009

Tea for Three

Ava and Grammy made brownies to enjoy for a "girls only" afternoon tea....
...cracking an egg...
...lots of licking, stirring, and sampling...
Ava drew placemats and picked out tea cups from Grammy's collection for us. You can see Pappy and Daddy watching football and napping in the background. They were not invited and not terribly upset about it!
Ava had to have one last cup Sunday morning before we left for church.
Sissy and William came Sunday afternoon for a 4 day visit!! Yippee!! Hopefully we'll get some fun pictures to post!!

Happy 2009!

We celebrated the New Year with a party at Jeff & Lorena's and spent the weekend at the lake.

...Scott cuddling his girls early Friday morning...
disclaimer: my child DOES wear clothes (most of the time)!