Sunday, August 24, 2008

First Official Getaway

Grammy and Pappy came to pick Ava up early Friday morning for a full day of fun and sleepover at the lake! I packed the camera so Grammy could capture the fun! They started out at the outdoor mall. Ava packed her wallet full of pennies for the fountain.
After picking out a few accessories for her Build a Bear it was time for the huge candy store. Candy bones and pacifiers are among her favorites......

Scott and I joined the fun at the lake for the weekend....Our very own little Sally Jesse Raphael enjoyed Grammy's glasses at the bar.....She had a great time and didn't miss us one tiny bit...which I guess is a good thing. I loved having a day to myself and would welcome more in the future. I must say though, it's good to have her back in action around here.
Thanks, G&P, for taking Ava on a fun adventure!
We Love You!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm 3...

...and don't think I need a nap anymore...

eek...please tell me this isn't happening. This was Ava at 4:00 AFTER 2 hours of time spent in her bed singing, making up stories, and "needing" to come out of her room to kiss the baby (while yawning pathetically). Although I am thankful she stays in her room - I pray this is a little phase that will one day pass and naptime will return to our household. She clearly IS tired and DOES need her sleep during the day. Here's to hoping pre-school wears her little body out! And yes, my girl prefers to sleep in her undies only...what a lady! Oh the joys...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken last of the things I really wanted to do before the baby makes her debut in December. I am officially 25 weeks into this pregnancy and there is a lot to be done....projects are everywhere to get things ready for a baby again! Ava's big girl room and the nursery are top priority. Ava starts pre-school (pretty school) in a few weeks and I am anxious for schedules to get into full swing!

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Fashion Diva

We're practicing dressing ourself for pre-school, or as Ava calls it, Pretty School. This is what Ava came up with today. Total style!

Ava Turns 3 In Texas!

We spent most of the week in Texas. Ava's real #3 Birthday was on Wednesday. She chose what we ate for dinner. We ended up with tater tots and Hebrew Nationals with cookies from Cookie Bouquet for dessert. FYI...those are the BEST iced sugar cookies around! Thanks Aunt Sissy!
Ava ate on the "You Are Special" Red Plate

We ended with our annual A&W floats since "Ava & William" have Birthdays two weeks apart. It's the perfect excuse for a rootbeer float!

After the Party

We had a fun afternoon with family after the party and a good long nap.
Ava opened gifts and we grilled out for dinner.
We sang Happy Birthday and took a dive into a yummy cookie cake.
A big and busy day for Ava!

Ava's Round-Up

Ava had a Cowgirl Round-up for her 3rd Birthday party.
....Tia Lorena ordered special cookies and made a super neat pinata...

...Papa cooked his famous Mickey Mouse pancakes...

....ummm ummm good.....
...Ava taking the first hit... was extra tough to bust this year... collecting their goodies...

...Ava opening gifts...