Monday, April 30, 2007

Fun With Betsy

Betsy came to see me last week. She and Mommy went out for the evening and I played with Mum and Papa. Betsy is going to be a bride in June! I can't wait to see you next time!

Lunch With Noah

I had a special lunch date last week in Texas. Mommy and Jackie met at Central Market for lunch and I dined with my friend, Noah. Isn't he cute!!

As you can see, It was getting very close to naptime - so we had our stuff all ready to wind down for the afternoon.

Reading With Mum

Monday, April 23, 2007

William's House

I spent today at William's house with Mommy and Sissy. I got to see William's Kindergarten class and ate lunch with all the big kids. I must say, my cousin is the cutest one of all.
This afternoon, I played with William's horse. I also got to wear his Cubbies vest from pre-school. I have discovered that there are so many cool things to explore at William's house! I love playing with big kid toys! I am so lucky to have William for my cousin.

William's T-Ball Game

I am William's #1 fan. I watched him play T-Ball on Saturday. He hit the ball and ran speedy fast! I am so proud of him!
Here I am with Uncle Craig, Aunt Sissy, and William after the game.
Mommy let me run on the field after the game. I even got to wear William's hat!
After the game, we went out to lunch and had frozen custard with sprinkles! Life is GOOD!

Tulips for Mommy

Aunt Sissy surprised Mommy with 30 beautiful tulips for her 30th Birthday. Tulips are Mommy's favorite and we have enjoyed them all week long! Thanks Aunt Sissy - We Love You!

Papa's Garden

Papa works very hard in his garden. After our trip to the park, it was time to check on the veges growing out back. We picked some fresh brocolli, looked at the cabbage, onions, peppers, okra and other tasty things. The peach tree is starting to bloom. This is the most delicious part of the backyard.

A New Park

Mum and Papa live right next door to a very exciting park. We went there Friday night and played. I slid down the slide all by myself and Mommy caught me at the bottom. Before I knew it, it was time to go back to Mum and Papa's. I think the park is going to be an every night event while I'm here in Texas!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Mommy Turns Thirty!

Mommy turned 30 on Tuesday! Daddy gave her a super-fun party after church on Sunday night. Lots of my friends came too - we had a great time. Mommy's friend, Anne made a most delicious cake to share with everyone. Thanks, Daddy for celebrating Mommy's big 3-0! Thanks to Mommy's friends who helped with the celebration!

This morning, I am going to see my Mum, Papa, Sissy, Craig, and William! I'll report back soon with lots of pictures!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

My First Music Program

Today was Mommy's last Bible Study and my last day in the nursery with my sweet friends.
Our teachers brought us out into the sanctuary where the Mommies were and we got to shake our rice bottles during a song. Mommy was a bit skeptical that I might cry when I saw her but I stayed on my step and made music with my shaker. Mommy was so proud of me.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Noah and Lily

Noah and Lily came to play this afternoon. We had races around the kitchen on my tricycle and colored our very own stickers. Thanks for coming over!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Fresh Lemons

Mommy's dear friend Amy sent us a special box of lemons all the way from California. They were picked straight from their backyard! Mommy is still trying to decide what to make with them. Thanks Amy! I miss you, Jonathan!! xoxoxoxox

Pretty Eggs

The last event for Easter Sunday was dipping eggs! Isabella and I colored our eggs with Daddy and Uncle Jeff. We were very proud of our hard work! Happy Easter to you! HE LIVES!

Egg Cupcakes

Isabella and I got to sprinkle our very own cupcake for dessert! I am starting to see the pattern that special days equal special cupcakes!


We had a special Easter Sunday. At lunch, Grammy gave everyone an Easter egg with a verse inside telling the story of Easter. Isabella and I got an easter sticker inside our egg.
We dug into our baskets and had a blast playing with our Easter eggs, toys, books, etc.....

Easter Egg Hunt

Pappy, Daddy,and Uncle Jeff his eggs all around the house. Isabella and I filled our baskets and ate the treats inside. We had goldfish, raisins, and Teddy Grahams!

"Queen" Party

On Saturday night, we went to our friend's 40th Birthday party at a dueling piano bar that was VERY kid friendly. The birthday boy's favorite band is Queen and there was a very special cake with Queen's seal. It was so special that it didn't get cut into...BUMMER! I did have my first chocolate fountain experience though!

Once the piano dueling began, I jumped up on stage with the other kids and had a blast! We danced, played peek-a-boo and did the Hokey Pokey!

Weekend at the Lake

I had a great time spending Easter weekend at the lake. Grammy and Pappy planned all sorts of special things to do. On Saturday morning, Grammy whipped out the neon paints and stencils...boy was it ever fun!!