Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ava

Our sweet girlie turned 3 today! Time flies when you're having fun and fun she is! We love you, Ava! Updates to come on her party and family celebration!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Texas Highlights

Ava and I went to Dallas for a few days for William's Birthday. Ava had fun pretending to be "Queen Esther" in Aunt Sissy's bed. She got to fall alseep there while the grown ups played cards. Dreamy for an almost 3 year old!
Play-Doh with Mum
Pancakes with Papa
Practicing for her party

Papa's Creation!
William's party was on Sunday at Peter Piper Pizza. Good times were had by all. Ava loved the idea of tokens and tickets. She scored lots of "junk" with all of her earnings. So fun!!!
Happy 7th Birthday William! Can't wait to see you soon at my house!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun With Jonathan

My pal, Jonathan, who lives far away came for a long awaited visit!
We had a great play date!

Jamey, Jonathan, and Ava
...taking an afternoon dip...

Come back soon, Jonathan! We miss you already!!!


Friday, July 11, 2008

Kid's Day at the Farmer's Market

The Farmer's Market was especially fun today because there was lots to do for kids.
First up was face painting....Next, coloring a pot and planting seeds....We picked out some peaches before playing at playground....a perfect Friday morning!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Our little bun is half way done and it's a girl!
We are very excited and pray Ava and baby girl will be the best of friends. Everything looks very healthy and all is well! Ava is so proud...she thinks the baby is coming any day now so we're trying to reinforce the fact that it has to bake inside of Mommy and won't arrive until there's a Christmas tree in the living room. With that said, she still thinks it should be here NOW!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Cake Walks and Dancing

We went to a Beaver Lake 4th of July celebration yesterday. Ava walked the cake walk five times and finally won! Woo-Hoo! Go #19!

Of all of the fabulous homemade desserts, Ava chose the very festive, stale, store bought cupcakes! Good Choice, Ava!
...and a good cupcake it was...
We wrapped up our evening with live music and lots of dancing! As always, it was a great weekend at the lake

Isabella + Ava = Friends Forever!

We celebrated the 4th at the lake. Isabella and Ava had a super fun sleepover together...they learned a few things a long the to shuck corn... fun fun....
...sharing dress up clothes...
....enjoying their morning tea on the deck....
....loving the quilts Grammy made while watching their video....

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Day at the Zoo

Today we took a trip to the zoo....first stop was a ride on the carousel.....
...the polar bears were our favorite...
...all Ava wanted to see was a duck...wild dreams do come true!
Ava fit right in with the zebras! It was a fun family day together!