Sunday, June 18, 2006

Happy Da Da Day

Today was Father's Day and my Da Da and I had a super fun day. Mommy helped me wrap some special treats just for him. Among those treats were Haribo Gummy Bears. Daddy loves anything gummy and Haribo bears aren't too hard or too gummy..they're just right...or so he says. Mommy also helped me make my Daddy a Father's Day book. We are going to add to it each year so one day he'll have a special book all about us. My Da Da is the best one around. We have loads of fun together.


Jonathan said...

Hi Ava,

I love the look on your face in this picture. I'm so glad that God gave us great daddies.

It was good to see you today!


Grammy said...

Hi Ava,

What a wonderful picture of you and your daddy. Tell your mother she has a great idea about you writing to your dad each year on Fathersday. What a treasure.

Give mommy and daddy a big hug and kiss from your grammy a pappy.

Love you loads.