Monday, February 26, 2007

What a Monday!

Today started off great with a long walk with my little friends. After I ate a great lunch with Daddy, Mommy put me down for my nap. I decided I wasn't quite ready and was determined to get out of my crib (for the second time in my life). I meticulously placed my stuffed kitty cat on top of my stuffed trout and proceded to climb out....using my rocking chair as a prop to spot my "drop."


In walked Mommy...I was just sure that she would deliver me from my nap. We rocked and talked about the importance of staying in bed. After a full'll never guess what happened. Oh Yes, back to bed I went!

Tonight I will not be sleeping with anything stuffed and my rocker will be pushed far away from my crib. Daddy will also double check that the matress is as low as it will go!

This afternoon had much less drama. I wore my tutu and waited for Daddy to come home...Grammy is coming for a visit and Mommy is thankful the drama is over with for the day...we hope!


lindsayloo said...

i love the "sit-down-with-the-long-explanation". she is so cute. I've got to start taking more pictures!!