Monday, June 09, 2008

Ava's First Fishing Derby

Ava had a ball at the fishing derby this year. The worms were definitely her favorite part!
Scott had loads of fun casting that Dora fishing pole!

Nash and Ava had a great morning together. Nash wanted to catch a shark and Ava wanted a pink fish. Neither were caught...go figure....maybe next year!


Sara Neufeld said...

How cute is she??!!! Seriously. I love that she's holding a worm!

The Wrights said...

She's so brave. Alyssa won't hold a worm to save her life! I'm sure Scott was so proud! Billy would have been beaming!

Angela said...

That is awesome. I can't wait to do some fun stuff like that with my girls. We did take them to the pool for the first time last weekend. Woo Hoo. Girls rule! :)


Tyler and Kelly said...

What a sweet heart!!! Love the swing set! Oh the memories to be made! =) Love you guys!