Friday, October 24, 2008

Cupcake Friday

Ava and I had a "Cupcake Making Marathon Day." One of our 3 projects was Spidercakes. They turned out pretty cute! I had to post this picture of Ava....please pardon the panties...this was the look she was going for today...very fashionable, Ava! We will improve on our postings...This Mama has been tired and busy! We're on the big countdown to December 1st...and nesting has officially begun! XOXOXO


Jonathan said...

Hi Ava,

We don't mind the pants-free look. We do it a lot around here. Have fun eating cupcakes!


Emma Claire said...

I love that picture of Ava!! I think you might have to save that for when she graduates high school. The cupcakes look so cute and so yummy!! How I wish I could have one:) I love you and miss you!
Caroline and Emma Claire

Elizabeth said...

I love that she runs around in her panties, with no shame! Some of us do the same thing around here:)

Tyler and Kelly said...

oh too cute!! =) Praying for you as you prepare! Love you friend!

The Wrights said...

That is a frameable picture. We have one of alyssa in pa pa's cowboy boots and her shirt...but minus the panties. I couldn't post that here, but too cute!