Thursday, July 16, 2009

Retreat at Mum and Papa's House

Ava had a blast with Mum and Papa. She stayed alone in Texas for 3 nights and says she only missed much for Mommy and Daddy! Barnes and Noble was at the top of the list of things to do...reading and sticker book buying!
She went to her first movie with William and Mum!
Mum treated her to a pedicure & manicure at a fun salon that caters to kids...zebra toes...too cute!
Ava also got to go to Sissy's first baby shower! Here she is holding the frame she painted for sweet baby!
Thanks to Mum and Papa for a fun filled few days! It was super fun! I love you!


Joy said...

CUTE toes, Ava!
I'm in awe at how they got those perfect little stripes on those tiny little nails. Wow...

Jonathan's Mom said...

So fun!

Congratulations to your sister, Jenny! Hope you'll tell her I'm so excited for her!

Elizabeth said...

The kids and I think those are the coolest looking tootsies we've ever seen. I think Miss Addison needs a pedicure like that!

Glad you had fun Ava-give baby Jane lots of kisses for us!

Sara Neufeld said...

How fun! Jenny-what did you do with yourself w/ all that free time?! :)

Emma Claire said...

Ava grace, I love your toes!! I don't know if EC could have sat for that long. Tell Kristen she looks beautiful!!

Vickie said...

those toes! how cute!!!