Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy 9 Months!

Our sweet Janie is 9 months today....time flies when you're having fun!
Jane had her 9 month appointment today. No shots, but a toe prick for iron! I had hoped for a picture with her doctor...but she has an injured arm...maybe next time! Jane's stats:
Weight 16 lbs 4 oz
Height 26 inches
She is a growing healthy girl and we love her to pieces!
Sissy Picture! Blurry, but fun!


Elizabeth said...

Have I told you lately how sad it makes me that I don't get to kiss on Janie all the time? I miss your girls! And I miss you too, of course! So much.

Happy 9 months Janie, and here's to the next 9 months of being so stinkin' adorable

Jonathan's Mom said...

Happy 9 m b day, sweet Jane! Wish we were there to kiss you! :)

Joy said...

She is sooo cute in these pictures. I gots to hold her today, so watch out. :o)

Emma Claire said...

How sweet you are, Jane!! I wish I could give you a big fat kiss on those cheeks. We love you!