Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Beach Ball Baby

Ava thought it was quite fun to walk around the house today with a beach ball baby to match her baby sister. She told me it was very easy to "pop" her baby right out! Scott thought it was picture here we are with twinkie tummies...We are on the countdown to December 1st! We are ready and waiting!


Jonathan said...

Jenny, these pics are priceless!

Jonathan told me yesterday that our baby would pop right out when it's ready! Ahem. May it be as easy as popping for both of us. :)

You look great-I think your only bulge is your belly!


Sara Neufeld said...

Holy Belly! I LOVE these pics!! :)

Ruth Lee said...

You look amazing! You don't even look like you've gained anything, but a ball. I wish I had looked like that. :) Your 2 belly pics are awesome!!

Emma Claire said...

You look beautiful! What sweet pictures. I wish I could be there. We miss you guys!

Jackie Sue said...

A) You look SO good and baby is seriously NOWHERE except your belly.

B) I can't believe you already have your tree up. Impressive.

Kate said...

oh that's adorable!

Already decorated for Christmas? It seems to come earlier every year.

The Sodas said...

What sweet pictures.. I agree they are priceless and Ava makes a cute pregnant girl just like her mommy! this time I hope she pops out on her own and doesn't take all day!

Our Family said...

What a cute baby belly! (or do you have a beach ball up your shirt, too?) You look great, as does Ava! Enjoy the last few days of being a family of three and looking forward to being a family of four!

The Wrights said...

Oh Jenny! Ava is going to love having those pictures with you one day! They are so sweet!