Friday, November 28, 2008

One Week Old

Today is Jane's 1 week Birthday! Ava sang to her before bedtime this evening. The first week has gone by way too fast! Mum and Papa were here all week and left this morning....we were very sad to say good-bye...but Christmas is just around the corner. Grammy and Pappy have been here as well to spend time with their girls. The help from all Grandparents has been simply wonderful! The 8 of us had a fun Thanksgiving yesterday with MUCH to be thankful for! Jane's true due date isn't until Monday, but we're sure happy she came early...she is one sweet baby! More pictures to come...


Elizabeth said...

Happy One Week sweet baby!

She is already growing, and I finally see what she looks like with her eyes open. She looks more like Ava now.

I love the pajamas!

Jonathan said...

Hi Ava,

I love this snuggly picture. I like to snuggle with our baby all the time.

I miss you!