Sunday, November 16, 2008

Sissy Weekend!

Kristin came on Friday for a girls only (+ Scott) weekend. It was so much fun! We shopped Friday night and played around in town all day Saturday! The most helpful thing of all was decorating for Christmas...Kristin helped a ton and we got the job done. She gave Ava a "Big Sister" charm that will be added to her bracelet when she's's so sweet because they are both the big sisters in our family! What fun! Unfortunately, we didn't get many pics....too busy having too much fun! Thanks, Kristin, for a great time! We Love You!!


Emma Claire said...

Ava Grace, you are so big!!! You are not big enough to have those pigtails. You just look so cute, I can hardly stand it!! I love the charm. What a sweet tradition:) We miss you.
Caroline and Emma Claire

The Wrights said...

She's going to be a great big sister! I don't know how your second can be as cute as Ava. She's adorable. Very photogenic!